Guest Post: CROSSOVER at Feinberg projects

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This post was originally published on “Ten Days in Tel Aviv” and is posted here as part of the collaboration between Oh So Arty and Ten Days in Tel Aviv.

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Post by Laura Schwartz-Waks.

Laura grew up in Paris where she graduated her MA in Modern Art History, with a focus on Israeli contemporary art.
Laura has been living in Tel Aviv since 2009 and works at the gallery Contemporary by Golconda.


Exhibition: CROSSOVER, A collaborative installation by Tal Frank, Keren Anavy, Quayola

Curator: Yham Hameiri.

Dates: On show until January 9th, 2014

Venue: Feinberg Projects
, 3 Hamif’al Street, Building 5, 2nd floor

‏Located on the edge of Tel Aviv, the Kiryat HaMelacha neighborhood has been hosting for a few years the emerging scene of contemporary art galleries held by young and motivated entrepreneurs and curators. Forget about monument galleries in Bauhaus buildings, now the cool is to be found on the other side of town, between old factories, warehouses and garages (yes, it reminds you of Brooklyn, we know you’re cool already).
‏Feinberg Projects is one of the spaces you’ll want to visit on your exploration of the neighborhood. The gallery is now hosting a beautiful and delicate installation by three artists: Tal Frank and Keren Anavy from Israel, and the London-based video artist Quayola.

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Curated by Yham Hameiri, CROSSOVER is all about materials: may it be wood, mirror or rice paper, the viewer is invited to take part in a mysterious journey in a symbolic landscape. The works intertwine and correspond with one another: Tal Frank’s sculpted mirrors reflecting Keren Anavy’s amazing rice paper fresco to the rhythm of Quayola’s video. The installation plays with natural and manufactured elements and questions the relationship between fragility and sturdiness, inconstancy and safeness.

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This correspondence between the artworks also suggests a dialogue between the role of tradition, emphasized in Keren Anavy’s work, and the use of new media such as computer devices as a window of what will be the future of contemporary art. This conversation between past and future couldn’t have found a better place than to be hosted in the Kiryat HaMelacha neighborhood, where old buildings and new gentrified lofts share a common space.

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All pictures: Courtesy of Feinberg Projects Gallery, (c) Ami Erlich

Post credits: Laura Schwartz-Waks |  Ten Days in Tel Aviv