Recommended: Crop Marks an exhibition at the Reality Rehab Center

Crop Marks 4

It has become quite popular for street artists around the world to bring their art into galleries, museums, institutions and other exhibitions spaces (one major example in Tel Aviv was the show “Inside Job” at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion).

Last week, I had the chance to visit Seffy Fisher‘s (also known as ‘SHELL‘, Shinlamed or של in hebrew) show “crop marks” at the Reality rehab center.
Seffy uses an x-acto knife to create hand cut out vinyl stickers (watch how it’s done here), which until the opening of this exhibition, could be seen mainly in the streets.

Check out these amazing works as seen in Tel Aviv:


Nobody's Rose

Shinlamed Yamim

Stepping inside the dark bar , I entered the small room where the exhibition ‘crop marks’ takes place. The space is very dark, with only a few lights, the floor is filled with sand and shells, miniature tombstones are placed on shelves and the black and white stickers look as if they are staring at you.

All the following photos from the show are by Daniella Sharudi from the very cool blog ARTitect (thank you!):

Crop Marks 5

Crop Marks 6
Crop Marks

Crop Marks2

Crop Marks3

There was something mystical about the whole show and I liked the fact that despite the simplicity of the medium of the stickers, Seffy managed to really create a ‘tableau’, a very strong atmosphere, where each visitor can be transported to another story.

Crop Marks 7

I also enjoyed the fact that because of its location, atmosphere and size, the show at times recalls an actual shell, encompassing all these little creatures, the vinyl stickers themselves..

Crop Marks
Until March 7th, Reality Rehab Center – Beit yosef 23 tel aviv
open everyday from around 9 pm till late.