Art Guide: Openings, Thursday June 6th

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6 art events taking place on Thursday, June 6th:


איגור טפיקין _ללא שם_ (2013) A5, עיפרון

Work by Igor Tepikin at the Homophile exhibition

Exhibition: Homophile

Artists: Moses Pini Siluk \ Hanna Sahar \ Merav B. Loulou \Ziv Sade \ Yanai Yechiel \ Itzik Rennert \ Jonathan Goldman \ KLONE \ Igor Tepikin \ Yaniv Alon \ Nadav Weisman \ Tom Zvily \ Luca Mantovanelli \ Assaf Mordechai \ Dar Rotem \ Naama Bar-or \ Hadar Reuven \ Noam Raz \ Tal Granot \ Foma (Curator and Producer: Itay Blaish)

Venue: HaTachana, Hamered st. on the corner of Koyfman st., Tel Aviv

Opening: June 6th, 7 pm



Tahel Maor at the group show at Hanina Gallery

Exhibition: Temperament, group show

Venue: Hanina Gallery, 31 Y.L Peretz st., Tel Aviv

Opening: June 6th, 8 pm



Tal Shochat at Rosenfeld Gallery

Exhibition: License to survive

Artist: Tal Shochat

Venue: Rosenfeld Gallery, 1 Shvil HaMif’al St., Tel Aviv

Opening: June 6th, 8 pm



Work by Moshe Mirsky at The Kibbutz Gallery

Exhibition: Moshe and Sela

Artists: Moshe Mirsky and Sela Koren

Venue: Hakibbutz Gallery, 25 Dov Hoz st.

Opening: June 6th, 8 pm
florentin 45

Work by Shony Rivani at Florentin 45

EXHIBITION: Awakening– group show

VENUE: Florentin 45 Gallery, 45 Florentin st., Tel Aviv

OPENING: June 6th, 7 pm



An evening with Jens Hoffmann at the CCA

Event: Case in Point– an evening with Jens Hoffmann, who will speak about his idea of the exhibition as a dramatic construction and the advantages and disadvantages of theatricality in the gallery space.

Venue: CCA, 5 kalisher st.

Date: June 6th, 6 pm (reservation required)