Opening: June 13th – June 15th

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upcoming art events to look forward to:



Gaston Zvi Izckovicz at Bazel Gallery

Exhibition: The Rock and the Stone

Artist: Gaston Zvi Izckovicz

Venue: Bazel Gallery, 1 Hashlah st.

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 8 pm


artists house

Daniel Landau at the Artists House

Exhibition: New shows

Venue: Tel Aviv Artists House. 9 AlHarizi st.

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 7:30 pm



Ido Bar-El at Gordon Gallery

Exhibition: Good Night, And Good Luck

Artist: Ido Bar-El

Venue: Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben Yehuda st.

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 7.30 pm


Jan Tichy, Untitled, 2008, from 'Certificates of Authenticity', Inkjet print, 65x85 cm

Jan Tichy at Hezi Cohen

Exhibition: Overlap

Artist: Jan Tichy

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery, 54 Wolfson st.

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 8 pm



Detail from a work by Gideon Smilansky at the Group Show, Alfred Gallery

Exhibition: Tragicon, Group Show

Venue: Alfred Gallery, 19 Ben Atar st.

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 8 pm



Group Show at Binyamin Gallery

Exhibition: Digging Up, Group Show

Venue: Binyamin Gallery, 28 chlenov st.

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 8 pm



The Fun Fun Festival

Event: The Fun Fun Festival #4: The Fun Fun Festival is a Non-profit idea that every one can do, that is dedicated to small print, independent culture and D.I.Y Funzines. It supports local people to create and collaborate.

Venue: Different locations across Tel Aviv

Opening: Thursday, June 13th, 6 pm




Barak Ravitz at the Artists’ Studios

Exhibition: Rise and Come

Artist: Barak Ravitz

Venue:  Tel Aviv Artists’ Studios, 5 Kalisher st.

Opening: Friday, June 14th, 12:00



natalie mendel

Natalie Mandel at the 7th floor- graffiti and street art show

Exhibition: The 7th floor-graffiti and street art exhibition, Group Show

Venue: The top (7th) floor of Tel Aviv’s Central Bus Station

Opening: Saturday, June 15th, 1 pm