Exclusive: Works by Fima Shlick, available only on Oh-So-Arty

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Oh-So-Arty is glad to announce a new section on its blog: exclusive art works by emerging and also established Israeli artists, in a price range of USD100 – USD5,000.

All the pieces offered on the blog will be either commissioned or existing editions and unique works.

This is a great way to bring art into your life, diversify your existing collection or give the perfect gift, and by this also support israeli artists.


Oh-So-Arty is thrilled to present the fifth artist participating in this project: Fima Shlick.


the works:

photo 1

Untitled, 2012, c-print

photo 2

Untitled, 2013, b&w print

photo 3

Untitled, 2013, b&w print

photo (43)

Untitled, 2013, c-print

about the artist:

Fima Shlick was born in 1979 in Tallinn, Estonia (Ex-USSR) and came to Israel at the age of 12.
A change which significantly affected Shlick on a personal and creative level.
In 2008, he graduated from the “Minshar School of Art” at the Film Department.
Since then, he has directed, shot and produced, two full-length documentary films, several short films and video clips for Israeli indie artists.
Today Shlick is concentrating on writing his first feature film.


about the works:

Fima Shlick has recently also came back to his “origins”, to the medium of photography.
His photographs parallel what he does in documentary films, capturing moments that define the reality as he perceives it.
Shlick enjoys challenging the “traditional” tools of photography by using his smartphone’s camera which, although can seem controversial, for him is a legitimate and efficient way of expression.
Shlick’s photographs are realistic on the one hand, but on the other he tries to disrupt and recreate a slightly different reality, which often can seem apocalyptic and full of tension.


how to purchase*:


To purchase or for any questions please contact Oh-So-Arty (Sarah Peguine) at: telavivgalleries@gmail.com

* All prices exclude shipping.

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