Meet the Artist: Eran Nave

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Back in the beginning of the (now almost gone) Summer, during my visit to the Bezalel MFA Graduate show, I was drawn to works by Eran Nave, which made me want to know and see more.

One of them, was a video installation, called “Axis Reversed”, watch it here:

THE AXIS REVERSED MP4 from eran nave on Vimeo.

This work literally gives the tone to his other pieces. It’s naive, playful, tragic, personal, poetical and witty at the same time.

The second work I found interesting at the show was a large installation with all kinds of peculiar objects. It felt like a contemporary take on surrealism (reinforced with the apple, reminiscent of Magritte’s apple).

If you haven’t seen this work, it’s currently on show at the Jewish Art Biennale in Jerusalem, at the group show “Between Heaven and Earth”.

Here are some pictures:

eran nave installation | מיצב ערן נווה
Eran Nave at Bezalel Show

MFA Show Bezalel Eran Nave | תערוכת גמר בצלאל ערן נווה

תערוכת בוגרים בצלאל תואר שני | Eran Nave at Bezalel

Eran Nave’s installation at the MFA Graduate Show, Bezalel
All four pictures by Littlemermaid Photography

Looking at these images you might think Eran only deals with conceptual installations and videos, but actually, his first and ongoing love is painting. He applies only one layer of paint, directly on wooden panels, giving a strong feeling of intimacy and immediacy, with no interference between the artist’s brush and the viewer. The subject matters have a nostalgic quality to them and are often accompanied by pieces of text:

eran nave painting | ציור ערן נווה

EranNave Israeli Painter | ערן נווה צייר

ציורים ערן נוה | Eran Nave painting

Paintings by Eran Nave
All three pictures by Littlemermaid Photography


I will leave you with a few images from my visit to Eran’s studio and a link to his website.

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photo 2

photo 1

photo 2

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