Art Guide: Public/Space at Mazeh 9, Exclusive Images



Event: Public/Space & La Culture 9th Edition

Venue: Mazeh 9, Tel Aviv

Dates: November 14th – 16th (Thursday 16:00 – 23:00; Friday: 10:00 – 17:00; Saturday: 13:00 – 23:00)


I’m glad to share with you exclusive images of works that will be shown at the upcoming edition of Public/Space.

These pieces will be presented at the upper level of Mazeh 9, at La Culture’s “Illustration” edition:


Boaz Sided UNTAY, 2012, pencils, pens & color pencils on paper, A3

Gili Comforty

Gili Comforty, Half of a Whole, 2013, ink & digital, 51×38 cm

Liron Cohen- Memory

Liron Cohen, Memory, 2011, pencil & color pencils, 32×45 cm


Tamar Dovrat, Tribal Woman, 2013, pencil, pen & photoshop, 65×46 cm

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Yinon Zinger, Orgy, 2013, pencil & digital, 32×45 cm

ניב תשבי 1

Niv Tishbi, 2013, pencil & digital coloring, 46×32 cm

רותם אזרד תימניה 2013

Rotem Azrad, Bride, 2013, pencil, 70×50 cm

Hadas Hayun

Hadas Hayun, Forest, 2013, ink & marker pens, 57×40 cm

שירה ברזילי - איור (על צלחת)

Shira Barzilay, from the illustrated dessert plates “Koketit” series




More details about Public/Space: 

PUBLIC/SPACE is an exhibition combining some of the most young and talented designers of Tel Aviv, taking place November 14-16 at the Social Lab of Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Organized by the art and design initiatives, Itay Blaish and Nir Levlovich of Honey&Salt, PUBLIC/SPACE aims to give an independent, free and fair trade platform to young and promising artists and designers while exposing their work to the community.

The Tel Aviv Designers Station Three Days – Three Areas – Three Floors

Public space, as indicated by its name, is an initiative for trade and exhibition by local, current & promising artists and designers, in the most public space in town, Mazeh 9.

14-16 of November, the Tel Aviv designer community is coming to Mazeh 9 with the “Public/Space” framework, for a weekend of art, fashion and local creation.

The LaCULTURE exhibition will take place at the top gallery floor – contemporary affordable art for sale under the theme “illustration”, with prices ranging up to NIS 500. Tens of talented illustrators will show case their work.

Dar Rotem
Itay Blaish