What’s opening: December 12th – December 14th

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Here’s what not to miss this weekend. Keep warm but stay arty!


EXHIBITION: As in Water Face Reflects Face 

ARTIST: David Adika

VENUE: Braverman Gallery, 12b Hasharon st.

OPENING: December 12th, 8 pm

David Adika Braverman דוד עדיקא

David Adika at Braverman Gallery

EXHIBITION: Submission


VENUE: South Tel Aviv Gallery, 25 Haaliya st.

OPENING: December 12th, 8 pm

Foma South Tel Aviv פומה גלריה דרום תל אביב

FOMA at South Tel Aviv Gallery

EXHIBITION: 2 new shows at Hezi Cohen

Madeleine Boschan – ‘Closed Space Stories’ Uri Radovan- ‘December’

VENUE: Hezi Cohen Gallery, 54 Wolfson st.

OPENING: December 12th, 8 pm

Uri Radovan

Uri Radovan at Hezi Cohen Gallery

Madelain Bochan Hezi Cohen

Madeleine Boschan at Hezi Cohen

EVENT: Gathering at the performance 20.5 C

ARTIST: Anat Barzilai

VENUE: Z I Z, 6 Shvil Ha-Merets st.

DATE: December 12th, 8 pm

Anat BArzilay

Anat Barzilai’s performace at Z I Z

EXHIBITION: Asim Abu Shaqra’s show and book launch

VENUE: Chelouche Gallery, 7 Mazeh st.

OPENING: December 12th, 8 pm

Asim Abu Shaqra Checlouche

Asim Abu Shaqra show and book launch at Chelouche Gallery


ARTIST: Sharon Derhy

VENUE: Artstation Gallery, HaTachana Compound Manshia (Neve Zedek) – Cabin 14

OPENING: December 12th, 8 pm

Sharon Derhy

Sharon Derhy at Artstation Gallery



ARTIST: Orit Raff

VENUE: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd.

OPENING: December 13th, 12:00

Orit Raff Priming אורית רף

Orit Raf at Tel Aviv Museum


EVENT: Open Studio

ARTIST: Hila Vugman

VENUE: 11 Abulafia st.

DATES: December 13th & 14th | 1-6 pm

Open Studio Hila Vugman סטודיו הילה ווגמן

Inauguration of Hila Vugman’s new studio