What’s opening: January 16th

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4 exhibitions to attend this weekend. 


Exhibition: Raven and the Leftover Men 

Artist: Melanie Daniel

Venue: Chelouche Gallery, 7 Mazeh st.

Opening: January 16th, 8 pm

Melanie Daniel Chelouche

Melanie Daniel at Chelouche Gallery

Exhibition: RUBEN BRULAT | DANIEL TCHETCHIK joint show

Venue: Ermano Tedeschi Gallery, 3 Lilenblum st.

Opening: January 16th, 7:30 pm

Ruben Brulat Paths

Ruben Brulat at Ermano Tedeschi Gallery

Exhibition: Foramen Magnum

Artist: Jonathan Hirschfeld

Venue: Raw Art Gallery, 3 Shvil Ha’Meretz st., Building 8, 4th floor

Opening: Januar 16th, 8 pm

Jonathan Hirshfeld Raw Art

Jonathan Hirschfeld at Raw Art Gallery

Exhibition: Turpentine Dreams

Artist: Olaf Kuhnemann

Venue: Feinberg Gallery, 3 Hamif’al St., Building 5, 2nd floor

Opening: January 16th, 8 pm

Olaf Kuhnemann at Feinberg

Olaf Kuhnemann at Feinberg Projects