Dot-To-Dot with Ruth Biger

Ruth Biger - PIC(200dpi)


This guest post is part of a series of interviews entitled “do-to-dot”, conducted by Ronny Koren.

Ronny Koren (born 1990, Israel) studies Art History and East Asia Studies at Tel Aviv University.
Future Online Specialist at Google. Former Assistant at Dvir Gallery. She is also an independent curator and movie maker.


dot-to-dot with Ruth Biger by Ronny Koren

Ruth Biger (born 1971, Israel) lives and works in Tel Aviv. She photographs whatever she finds beautiful or moving: a portrait, landscape, an object or a passing moment.  She is photographing the world around her and at the same time she is creating her very own private universe.  Ruth Biger current exhibition “The Heart is a Lonely Hunter” is at P8 Gallery, ending July 5th.

ronny koren (rk): Who is an artist?

Ruth Biger (RB): An artist wanders around with open pores, ready to absorb. He, or she experiences the world with great sensitivity. An Artist needs to excite others, and share his/her thoughts about the world.

Midnight Blue, 2013. הדפסת פיגמנט ארכיונית. 57 x 85 סמ_1

Midnight Blue, 2013

rk: Describe me your Muse.

RB: I don’t have a Muse; I actually don’t like the idea. I tend to act out of visuals, films and my reality. Without theories, agendas or intentions of one kind or another. That is the only way I can allow the visual to approach me, to connect directly to the soul. The camera is another eye through which I look for emotion. A Muse will just interrupt.

rk: Can you point on an image, which led you into depth?

rb: Two years ago I was looking through a pile of old family photos at my parents’ house. There, I accidentally stumbled upon a black and white photograph of myself, taken by my older sister. In the photo I am about 8 years old, kneeling naked on the floor, hiding my face. Since I have found this photograph, I stopped sculpting. I realized that this one small photograph, folded more feelings than hundreds of pounds of clay or wood will ever produce. So, at once I gave up sculpting and dove into photography.

rk: Do you dream or remember your dreams? Do they affect you at all?

rb: Yes, I have dreams. Sometimes my dreams are colorful and complex – just like an HBO drama series. Sometimes I can’t remember them at all. I love the “twilight” mode between being awake and asleep, it’s precious. This way I can gain more insights – precisely because of the blurry end of the dream.

ללא כותרת, 2013. הדפסת פיגמנט ארכיונית. 105 x 157 סמ

Untitled, 2013

rk: Which stuff currently affects your work?

rb: I guess that different events I have experienced in my life, through a broad and colorful spectrum, found their way into my work. Whatever meets the eye that can communicate with the heart and the soul.

rk: How do you experience the contemporary art scene in Tel Aviv?

rb: I love the excitement and celebrations of Thursday’s night openings. I wish this practice will expand beyond the art-loving audience and draw in the whole city.

rk: What do you think; can a Smartphone camera create a valid masterpiece?

rb: Sure. Why not?

צייד בודד הוא הלב, 2013. הדפסת פיגמנט ארכיונית. 85 x 57 סמ

The heart is a lonely hunter, 2013

rk: What is your next project?

rb: The word “project” is not relevant for me. I aim to take pictures out of the unknown. I try not to follow a plan or a distinct direction.

rk: What is your favourite color?

rb: Blue and green, through all their shades.

rk: Dot-to-Dot: Please take a photo of a list of 5 things, or milestones, in your art career. in your hand-writing.


Ruth Biger’s Dot-To-Dot