What’s Opening: April 30th – May 2nd



There are so many new shows opening this weekend, which is exciting as the past few weeks were a bit slow. I’ve selected 10 galleries that are opening new exhibitions you shouldn’t miss. This week I’ve also added my small explanation about each show.

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Thursday April 30th

Exhibition: FEED/ME #2

Artist: Ohad Benit (Mishmaacool studio)

Venue: 26 Gordon st (Fertile Ground Project)

Details: Ohad Benit pieces challenge the fine line between Art and Design, the conceptual and the practical. In this pop up exhibition, which will last only 3 days, Benit will offer his designs for sale under his selling concept “how much is an idea worth”:

“When the Visitors will determine how much to pay.
Production costs will be displayed in front of them,
Only one element will remain invisible: the value of an idea?”

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm



Exhibition: While They Were Moving, They Were Moved (Based on a true story)

Artist: Noa Yekutieli

Venue: Gordon Gallery 2

Details: solo show for the young autodidact artist Noa Yekutieli, who will present new works alongside her first artist book. Yekutieli uses a unique paper-cutting technique and talks about natural and man-made disasters.

Opening: April 30th, 7:30 pm



Exhibition: Blue House

Artist: Gideon Rubin

Venue: Alon Segev Gallery

Details: From the press release: “The exhibition will showcase Rubin’s oil paintings based on his magazine works done during Rubin’s recent residency in Shenzhen, Chine.
The Chinese picture magazines were published until the beginning of the cultural revolution (1966) when they were regarded as not ‘Communist’ enough.
Rubin’s magazine works will be exhibited at his solo show in The Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art in May- August, 2015. “Blue House” is a book title by Bei Dao, an anthology of short stories that chronicle the everyday life of a Chinese poet in exile.”

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm

Orly Meiberg


Exhibition: White Ink

Artist: Orly Maiberg

Venue: Noga Gallery

Details: An intimate look into the artist’s daily practice of sketching. 8 new works will be presented in the exhibition.

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm



Exhibition: Group Portrait

Artist: Tali Ben Bassat

Venue: Julie M. Gallery

Details: Tali Ben Bassat comes back to painting with oil on large canvases. The starting point for the works were fashion photographs which Ben Bassat then transformed into a new realm.

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm

Julie M


exhibition: Furrow Industry

Artist: Itay Zalait

Venue: P8 Gallery

Details: First solo exhibition for the artist Itay Zalait, who will present objects, mostly toys which he found in the streets and has transformed into large scale installations.

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm



Exhibition: Cut by Demand #3- Garden of Earthly Delights

Artists: Dioz & Signor Gi

Venue: Jaffa Port, Hangar 2

Details: An urban art show with 2 of the leading artists in the field. The starting point for their collaboration is the masterpiece by Hieronymus Bosch which bears the same name as the show.

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm

Cut by demand


Exhibition(s): Forever and a Day (Arik Miranda) // Nothing Personal (Amit Cabessa)

Venue: Hezi Cohen Gallery

Details: In his show, Amit Cabessa will present a new series of works which question the medium of painting.

Arik Miranda will present works in different media: photography, drawing, painting and sculpture.

Opening: April 30th, 8 pm


by Arik Miranda


Saturday, May 2nd

Exhibition: RMMBRNC

Artist: Miroslaw Balka

Venue: Dvir Gallery

Details: Polish artist Miroslaw Balka will present his 4th solo show at the gallery, using its 3 spaces for his installations and site-specific works.

Opening: May 2nd, 10:00 – 13:00

Dvir Gallery


Exhibition: Spheras

Artist: Xanti Schawinsky

Venue: Tempo Rubato Gallery

Details: 2nd show at the gallery for artist Xanti Schawinsky presenting works from the series “Spheras” from the lates 1960s. The show is organized in collaboration with BROADWAY 1602, New York.

Opening: May 2nd, 11:00 – 14:00

Tempo Rubato


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