What’s Opening: June 25th – July 1st & News



I’m back from Europe, where I spent 4 days at Art Basel. Click here, to see a visual diary from my stay.

Like every week, I’m sharing with you a list of art shows opening in the next seven days, please find it below.

I came back straight to work with three private tours I gave this week, visiting galleries and artists studios, and a meeting I had with a museum for which I’m managing the social media PR on Facebook and Instagram.

I’m also working on a new group show with many young artists, opening at the beginning of August in Tel Aviv.

Finally, I wanted to share with you that I’m currently building a new website and will soon move my blog to a new platform.

Stay tuned for more details about all of these upcoming events, which I will share with you in the next couple of weeks.

Have a beautiful weekend, thank you for following and for your support,

Sarah (feel free to send your feedback/questions: sarahpeguine@gmail.com)


Exhibition: Drawing Table: Pop-Up Exhibition

Artist: Natalia Zourabova

Details: In the last weekend of June Natalia Zourabova, resident artist, invites you to shop around in a market of drawings and other art works. “Hashulchan” (“The Table”) will be open for a very short time- only for three days will Natalia open her drawers full of pieces from different time periods to sell them at special prices.

Venue: ArtPort Tel Aviv

Opening: June 25th, 7 pm

Natalia Zourabova

Natalia Zourabova at Artport

Exhibition: Aieka?

Artists: Omer Goldman & Tamar Katz

Details: An installation for 4 people and a woman

Venue: South Tel Aviv Gallery

Opening: June 25th, 8 pm


Aieka? at STA Gallery

Exhibition: Area 21

Artist: Adi Nachshon

Venue: Raw Art Gallery

Opening: June 25th, 8 pm

Adi Nachshon, Liquid Rocks, graphite on paper, 29.7X42cm, 2015

Adi Nachshon at Raw Art Gallery

Exhibition: Recent Works

Artists: Nir Evron, Uri Gershuni, Miki Kratsman

Venue: Chelouche Gallery

From: June 25th, 11 am (no opening event)

אורי גרשוני, ללא כותרת (248), מתוך השעה הכחולה, 2014, צייאנוטייפ, 13.5X18 סמ

Work by Uri Gershuni at Chelouche Gallery

Event: White Night at the Tel Aviv Museum

Details: All the galleries will be open, with performances, music, lectures and guided tours (in Hebrew). Special reduced entrance price: 25 NIS

Hours: Between 6 pm – 12 am

Venue: Tel Aviv Museum of Art

telaviv museum

White Night at the Tel Aviv Museum

Event: The street wear Art

Details: Artists present their works at window displays along Disengoff st.

Opening: June 25th, 7 pm at Ben Gurion Bvd. corner of Dizengoff st.

Gali Cnaani

Work by Gali Cnaani at Palais des Thés window display

Exhibition: Terra

Artist: Merav Svirsky

Venue: Ha’Kibbutz Gallery

Opening: June 25th, 8 pm


Merav Svirsky at Hakibbutz Gallery

Exhibition: Street Capture, group show

Artists: Dede, Pilpeled, Dan Reisinger, Eran Shimshovitz and Ariel Zuckerman

Venue: Tiroche Auction House, Herzliya

Opening: June 25th, 8 pm


Pilpeled at Tiroche


Saturday, June 27th

Exhibition: 2 new shows-

Karin Eliyahu, Binoculars & Dana Yoeli‘s show opening & book launch

Venue: Artists Studios

Opening: June 27th, 8 pm

Dana Yoeli Sadnaot

Dana Yoeli at Sadnaot Ha’Omanim


Wednesday, July 1st

Event: Dyslexic Experience

Artist: Karma She

Details: an immersive KARMA SHE pop concert and video set directed by Carmel Michaeli in collaboration with Nissim Tretiakov

Venue: CCA

Date: July 1st, 8:30 pm

Karma She

Karma She at CCA