We’ve moved!


7 years ago I moved to Tel Aviv after 10 years in Europe. I had almost no idea about the local art scene and decided to share my discoveries on my blog Oh-So-Arty.

It was supposed to stay a fun hobby and I never thought it would open so many doors to me! I’m especially grateful for the fascinating art professionals, artists, friends and colleagues I’ve met thanks to it- what an adventure!

I’m starting the year with really exciting changes.
My blog moved to a larger platform, Telavivian where I’ll be writing more often and I’m so happy to be part of this community.

and… I’ve just launched my professional website: www.sarahpeguine.com
There you’ll be able to see the services I’m offering and what I’ve been up to in the past few years.

You’ll still be able to read my weekly “What’s Opening” post here, with all my recommendations for new shows in Tel Aviv.

Thank you SO much for your continuous support!!!
Stay Arty and creative, love,