Recommended: In Between. Contemporary Austrian Art.

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This evening I went to the opening of the exhibition “In Between. Contemporary Austrian Art” presenting the art works of young artists from Austria. The exhibition takes place in the Michel Kikoine Foundation at the Tel Aviv University campus and is curated by Karin Zimmer.I love going to exhibitions which really leave a mark on me when I leave. It’s like when you see a really good movie and then you keep thinking about it for days after.

I also find it really important to promote these kind of bilateral projects which make the pubic discover new artists from different countries and cultures. During the opening the guests and organizers were honored by the presence of Austria’s Federal President, Dr Heinz Fischer. Dr. Fischer says in the introduction to the exhibition catalogue: “I would like to see this exhibition make a contribution to further enhancing the excellent co-operation between Israel and Austria, and I would be happy if the viewers were to share my excitement about contemporary Austrian art”.

Well, I certainly did share this excitement about contemporary Austrian art during this oh so arty opening! In Between. Contemporary Austrian Art

President Dr. Heinz Fischer

President Dr. Heinz Fischer.

Gregor Schmoll

Gregor Schmoll, Vexations, 2007-08

A viewer admiring Pia Mayer's work, Z-Au Salon, 2005

A viewer admiring Pia Mayer‘s work, Z-Au Salon, 2005

Björn Kämmerer, Escalator, 2006

Björn Kämmerer, Escalator, 2006. (picture via)

Björn Kämmerer

 Björn Kämmerer standing next to his film Escalator. More information about this artist and his work in his website.



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  1. Rita

    Wow, really great shots, good job!

    And I find that artist, Björn Kämmerer, rather attractive, hehe!

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