Recommended: Ishu Patel

The animator and independent filmmaker, Ishu Patel, is coming to Israel this month.

Ishu Patel was born in India and is a key figure of the National Film Board of Canada.

His animations and films combine great music and delicate and poetic images. Patel is concerned with philosophical issues and his work succeeds in transporting us to other worlds.

Here is a video from 1977 called “The Bead Game”:

And stills from a more recent work, which is a commercial from 2007:

It reminds me of Henri Rousseau’s paintings.

Click here to watch a longer animation by Ishu Patel, called “Paradise”.



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  1. Sarah

    Dear Rachel,he will arrive on the 7th of December and will give a talk at the Bezalel School. He will be on the 13th at the Cinematheque in Holon where he will show his work but also give a talk and a sort of master class. here’s another link in Hebrew for more info

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