Recommended: Ron Arad’s Design Museum in Holon

Ron Arad Holon


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This Sunday I went to the official inauguration of the Museum of Design in Holon.

The building’s architect is the famous designer Ron Arad and it reminded me of a huge shell.
It consists of five strips made of Corten which was brought especially from Italy. The result is amazing as the red colours change according to the time of day, with the lights making the building blend with its surroundings at times and at other times making it really stand out.

Design Museum- Ron Arad

Ron Arad- Design Museum

The first exhibition at the museum will open on March 4th, and will be called “The State of Things”.

The event itself was fun too, with lots of people, drinks and great molecular food by the chef Nir Zook.

I recommend watching this video of the event on Kef Israel to get a feel of the event.

All pictures were taken by my friend Sarah Van Parys who was here on a visit from Brussels and who was just so impressed (like I was) by the amazing architecture.



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  1. OneTiredEma

    This was covered in this week’s Shaar L’matchil :) Looks fun!

    Sarah, could you drop me a line over email? onetiredema at gmail dot com
    Thanks, Kate

  2. norawoah

    Ah! I can’t wait to check out the museum when I come to Israel. It’s gonna be so baller! Lucky girl!

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