Art Guide: Openings (May 30th – June 5th)

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Upcoming art events to look forward to:


Nadira Husain Tempo Rubato

Nadira Husain, “Pique-nique : Babethjan”, 2013- At Tempo Rubato

Exhibition: The Shattered Horizon

Artist: Nadira Husain

Venue: Tempo Rubato, 9 Sgula St., Tel Aviv

Opening: May 30th, 8 pm


roi Kuper Feinberg

Roi Kuper, from the series ‘The Baltic Sea’, 2005- at Feinberg Projects

Exhibition: Surface Currents- Group Show

Artists: Liat Elbling, Uri Gershuni, Anna Yam, Itamar Freed, Elyasaf Kowner, Roi Kuper

Venue: Feinberg Projects, 3 Hamif’al St., Building 5, 2nd floor, Tel Aviv

Opening: May 30th, 8 pm



Yael Burstein L.A., 2008- At Tel Aviv Museum

Exhibition: Moby Dick- Group Show

Artists: Eitan Ben-Moshe, Yael Burstein, Shibetz Cohen, Sharon Etgar, David Ginton, Meirav Heiman and Yossi Ben-Shoshan, Noga Linchevsky, Anna Lukashevsky, Rami Maymon, Naama Miller, Michal Na’aman, Elizabeth Peyton, Henry Shelesnyak, Moran Shoub, Jakob Steinhardt, Gal Weinstein, Yael Yudkovik.

Venue: Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Prints and Drawings Gallery, 27 Shaul Hamelech Blvd, Tel Aviv

Opening: May 30th, 8 pm


Liron Lupu Kayma

Liron Lupu at Kayma

Exhibition: Heimat

Artist: Liron Lupu

Venue: Kayma Gallery, 26 Ben Dosa St., Jaffa

Opening: May 30th, 8 pm



Enter the Gate Avi Pitchon and ELi Petel

Avi Pitchon and Eli Petel, Enter the Gate, 2013

Exhibition: Anti-Anti – Group Show

Venue: The University Gallery, Tel Aviv University, Ramat Aviv

Opening: Friday, May 31st, 12:00



sharon fadida ziz

Ziz Art Space

Event: Sharon Fadida | POP UP SHOP

Venue: Ziz Art Space, 6 Shvil ha-Merets

Opening: June 2nd, 8 pm



Gordon Gallery

Avner Katz at Gordon Gallery

Exhibition: Selected Wooden Sculptures- a special five day preview prior to the exhibition “Dress Rehearsal” at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Artist: Avner Katz

Venue: Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben Yehuda St, Tel Aviv

Opening: June 4th, 7.30 pm


My Barabrain

My Barbarian performs the Death Panel Discussion at Participant Inc, New York, 2009

Exhibition: My Barbarian: Post-Living Ante-Action Theater: Together Forever?, Workshop / performance / exhibition

Artist: My Barbarian

Venue: Bezalel, Yaffo 23, Jerusalem

Opening: June 4th, 8 pm



murakamiBook cover of After The Quake by Haruki Murakami in Hebrew. Design: Talia Bar

Exhibition: 100 Books | 100 Book Covers (curator: Yuval Saar)

Venue:  Design Terminal, 33 Ort Israel St. Bat Yam

Opening: June 5th, 8 pm