Mythographies at Yaffo 23, Jerusalem

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Exhibition: Mythographies

Artists: Karen Russo, Jeremy Millar, Ester Schneider, Ariel Reichman, Ingo Vetter, Gustavo Sagorski, Francis Alÿs, Ohad Meromi, Jonathan Ofek, David Schocken, Avner Ben- Gal, Melanie Daniel

Curators: Roy Brand and Sagit Mezamer

Venue: Bezalel Yaffo 23, 23 Yaffo St., Jerusalem

Dates: Until June 21st, 2013


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All pictures courtesy of Yaffo23, Jerusalem



“Mythographies” ties together myth and geography, thus pointing at those special instances when a mythical dimension is embedded in a certain geographic domain. “Mythographies” explores the way history and fantasy cross each other’s paths and examines the links between landscape, collective memory, people and nation.
The exhibition features twelve international and Israeli artists. Most of the works were commissioned for this exhibition and are presented for the first time. They concern the relations between tangible reality, imaginary reality and texts. The accompanying conference which took place a day after the exhibition opening expanded the debate beyond the realm of art to the unique intersection of literature, history, folklore, geography and agronomy. The conference combined performative lectures by artists alongside topic lectures and panels in order to examine the way places, both real and fictional, address man’s deepest emotions and the role they play in constructing spiritual capital.

Bezalel, Yaffo 23/ Jerusalem, center for contemporary art and culture
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