What’s opening: December 26th – January 1st

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Exhibition: Melting Mondrian

Artist: Smadar Eliasaf

Venue: Gordon Gallery, 95 Ben Yeudah st.

Opening: December 26th, 7:30 pm

Melting Mondrian Sharon Eliassaf

Smadar Eliasaf at Gordon Gallery

Exhibition: Africa Israel

Artist: Naama Arad

Venue: Sommer Gallery, 13 Rothschild Blvd.

Opening: December 26th, 8 pm

Afria Israel Naama Arad

Naama Arad at Sommer Gallery

Exhibition: The White Light

Artist: Eitan Ben Moshe

Venue: Alon Segev Gallery, 6 Rothschild Blvd.

Opening: December 26th, 8 pm

Eitan Ben Moshe The White Light

Eitan Ben Moshe at Alon Segev Gallery

Event: Carrying the things that hold us down (performance/installation/poem)

Artist: Bobbi Jene Smith

Venue: Foma’s solo show “Submission”, South Tel Aviv Gallery, 25 Haaliya st.

Dates: December 26th, 8 pm (sharp)

Aroowed Bobbi Smith

 Bobbi Jene Smith’s performance at Foma’s solo show, STA Gallery

Exhibition: On the flip side, group show

Venue: Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, 17 Ha’amal st.

Opening: December 26th, 7:30 pm

On the flip side

New group show at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center

Exhibition: Living as form, group show

Venue: Artport TLV, 55 Ben Zvi Rd.

Opening: December 26th, 8 pm


Living as form at Artport tlv


Tel Aviv

Exhibition: The Femme Being, Group Show

Venue: Zimmer, 5 gdud Haevri st.

Opening: December 27th, 4 pm

Mika Nesher

Work by Mika Nesher at the group show at Zimmer


Exhibition: La Saison des Éclipses

Artists: Assaf Shaham, Chen Cohen, Hadas Satt, Jennifer Abessira, Matan Mittwoch, Oran Hoffmann, Shira Horesh, Ziv Zeev Cohen and Zohar Kawaharada

Curator: Michal Tobiass

Venue: The Morel Derfler Gallery, 9 HaAyin Chet St.

Opening: December 27th, 11 am

Jennifer Abessira from Elastique 2011

Work by Jenifer Abessira at The Morel Derfler Gallery

Friday – Saturday

Exhibition: Bread Roses Art Sale: 75% of the earnings from each sale at Bread and Roses will be spent, as in every previous year, to advance the social and cultural activities of the project “Women and Work,” as initiated by WAC-MAAN and the fair-trade organization, Sindyanna of Galilee.

Venue: Kastiel Design, 2 Moshe Maor st.

Dates: December 27th, 10 – 4 pm, December 28th 10 – 10 pm

Noa Ginzburg bread and roses

Work by Noa Ginzburg at the Bread Roses special sale


Exhibition: LaCulture & Deli, Random Rules

Affordable Art Exhibition- 14 days of affordable night exhibition

Venue: Deli Bar, 47 Allenby st.

Opening: January 1st, 9 pm