My Life: Overview and Hopes



Here is a personal overview of my discoveries and experiences from 2008.

I became fascinated with the work of Louise Bourgeois:

Louise Bourgeois

I discovered Rome:



I graduated!

Oh So Arty's graduation

I traveled in Israel with my two Belgian friends:

Back to Israel

I came back to Tel Aviv and enjoyed its dynamic atmosphere…

Tel Aviv

and the picturesque neighborhood of Neve Tzedek…

Neve Tsedek

and Jaffa…

Jaffa by night

I got inspired by street art in Tel Aviv and elsewhere:

Tel Aviv Street Art R&B Tel Aviv Street Art

I spent quality time with friends and family:


Here are my hopes and wishes for 2009:Continue to write about lots of exhibitions and documenting street art in my blog.Continue to read arty and great blogs.Be close to my family and friends.Continue my studies.Peace.HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL!



6 Responses to “My Life: Overview and Hopes”

  1. Rachel

    Même si je ne suis pas dans le mood de célébrer la nouvelle année à cause de la situation, je te souhaite à toi et à oh-so-arty le meilleur. J’adore ton blog!

  2. Jack Daniel

    Wow. What a great post! Thanks for the comment on my blog. I wish you a happy new year. And I hope for you that all your wishes may come true.

    I would love to go to Rome too. I’ve never been to Italy before……! (shame, shame).

    Oh and congratulations with your diploma! I hope I’ll receive my bachelor-degree this year!

  3. Rita

    Happy New Year, Sarah! You sure had a fantastic year. How I wish to visit Rome… ahhh… hehehe. I hope this year is even better for you than 2008!

  4. mathieu

    great post. great pictures. I wish you an inspiring year 2009, shana tova, and maybe till soon..!

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