Street Art: Urban Knitting

knitting stree art


Knitted pieces are now facing the streets of our cities! Check out these lovely images of flowers which were knitted by “Savta Connection”, in Tel Aviv:

urban knitting

Photo credit: Savta Connection

“Savta Connection” (Savta means “Grandma” in Hebrew) is “a Tel Aviv based gathering of people who wish to add beauty and softness to the city through the creation of Urban Knitting”. They are also currently working on their future website which should be airing by the end of this week. So visit them soon for more exciting projects!In the meantime have a look at their latest piece for Hanukkah, which was revealed yesterday night:

Photo credit: Savta Connection

Happy, colorful, soft and beautiful Holidays to all of you!

PS: For more photos of urban knitting from all over the world visit the Flickr group “Urban Knitting”. And if you like original knitted objects don’t miss out on this fantastic knitted bike.



6 Responses to “Street Art: Urban Knitting”

  1. Sarah

    Thank you! you too!

    Sad news about the Hanukkah project: it was removed the morning after by the municipality supervisors :( Disappointing!

  2. Rita

    Why would they ever do that!?

    Well, at least we can admire it through these pictures 😛

  3. sefi

    oh. it was so sad to hear the the candles are not there anymore… it looked so sweet.

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