10 TLV Art Professionals & Art Businesses to follow on Instagram

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Following my post about 25 Israeli Artists and Photographers to Follow on Instagram, I’ve decided to introduce a second one, in the same spirit but this time recommending 10 Tel Aviv Art Professionals and Art Businesses to Follow on Instagram. These entrepreneurs, gallery owners, curators, critics and service providers give us a glimpse into their arty life through to one of my favorite social media channels: Instagram!

Below is the list with each account’s instagram name, small introduction about the person(s) running the profile and two pictures.

I invite you to add your favorite profiles in the comments below and follow me at @OhSoArty!



@LeeRotenberg and @AlexSchinasi are the women behind “Artsetters” a new and exciting art startup launching in September.

Artsetters is an e-commerce dedicated to showcasing the best talents in art and design from the influential culture capitals dotting the globe.
Art, fashion, music and culture from Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Beirut, Berlin, Paris, New York, you just name it!
The platform will also be accompanied by another cool section called “La Clique”, a magazine featuring the most popular and exciting blog posts by bloggers from all over the world (Oh-So-Arty is one of them!).



Lee Rotenberg & Alexandra Schinasi founders of Artsetters, photographed by @benlouloumerav



@EmmyShahar and Salome Fakiel (@salomefk) are a Belgian and French artistic entrepreneurs, the creators of Design Space, an innovative project that they have been running for the past three years in Tel Aviv, which focus on promoting Israeli designers in Israel and abroad.
This year they co-curated the first edition of “Fresh Design” which took place alongside the 6th edition of the “Fresh Paint Art Fair” in Tel Aviv.

Read my interview with Emmy Shahar and Salome Fakiel.



Salome Fakiel and Emmy Shahar



Gordon Gallery 2 is the most recent branch of the established Gordon Gallery. The space is dedicated to the younger generation of Israeli artists.

It’s an art gallery which, in my opinion, is doing a really great job on Instagram. You might wonder why? because they are coherent and persistent, keeping their followers updated on an almost daily basis and most importantly showing us and sharing with us the behind the scenes of a gallery, from studio visits, openings but also simple daily life posts such as of the owner’s dog! I wish all art galleries would have an active and exciting profile as this one.



Installing Sasha Serber’s show



Hamelaha Workshop is a print studio as well as a cultural center for art and design operating in Tel Aviv.
The studio was founded by Jacob Ben Cohen and Sagi Ashin in 2010 and is tucked away in South Tel Aviv in a quaint 50’s workshop. This venue also offers really cool and original workshops and courses.



Screen printing at Hamelaha Workshop



@ItayBlaish and @DarRotem are the creative minds behind La Culture a platform which promotes and supports affordable Art in Tel Aviv. Every few weeks, Itay and Dar organize a new La Culture exhibition at Mazeh 9, dedicated each time to another theme.

Check out a post I wrote about their initiative here, and follow their work on tumblr and Facebook Page.



@LaCulturetlv promoting affordable Art in Tel Aviv



Rufina Valery Valsky is an art advisor and producer based between Tel Aviv and Berlin.

In the next weeks she will be launching her new web platform called “Peeks on Picks”, containing short interviews with artists, musicians, architects and thinkers, where each respondent picks six peeks – cultural preferences – he/she identifies with or enjoys from: places, entertainment, or visual jpgs.

Stay tuned and join the Facebook Page.



Rufina Valery Valsky reflected in a Kippenberger  piece at hamburger bahnhof



Square Island is a lovely store (from the house of Rea Photography House) where Instagram fans can beautifully print and frame their photos in different formats.

It’s also a great idea for a personalized gift!



@Squareisland printing photos from your Instagram account



Telavivian is an online magazine which gathers prominent Israeli bloggers and personalities who write about the dynamic Tel Aviv scene, from different points of view.

The founders of Telavivian.com are Eva Kopito, Anna Lindahl and Anna Kopito.

An important part of the platform features art-related content, check out for example the blogs by Merav Ben LoulouDalit Nemirovsky and Guy Yanai.



@telavivian showcasing the vibrant Tel Aviv scene



Vardit Gross is an art critic and curator based in Tel Aviv.

She has recently been appointed director of ArtPort Tel Aviv, a new center for Contemporary Art which offers a top-notch residency program for artists, critics and curators and is dedicated to promoting emerging artists and bringing Art closer to the general public.



@VarditGross in In Thomas Zipp’s Anger Room, Venice Biennale



Yaniv Yehuda Eiger is the founder of Ziz, a new gallery showing young and emerging artists.

Read my post about this amazing venue here.



Work by Alona Rodeh on Ziz’s profile